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    May 17, 2013
    5:00 - 5:31pm PDT  

the bomb squad is there but they do not know yet if it's an active grenade. the clues could be in the game. the search continues for the suspects in a double hods. gun fire erupted just as the oakland warriors game was letting out. this happened at 10:30 last night not far from the onramp to 980. monte francis is live in oakland with the latest on the case. >> reporter: janelle the names of the victims have not been released. you can see here behind me that fans are just beginning to arrive at oracle arena for an aerks ease game. there was some kind of con froation at the arena last night and they're hoping the surveillance cameras will provide some answers. the two warriors fans had just left oracle arena and wur
traveling northbound on interstate 80 when police say someone in a dark suv released a barrage of gun fire to people in a porsche. the passenger was outside the vehicle on the freeway when he was struck by a passing motorist. the. >> reporter: the victims both dressed in warriors gear were killed. authorities say the porsche they were in was rej tered to someone else. but said the car had not been reported stolen. oakland police and the chp are asking for witnesses to come forward who can provide information about the gunman or the gunman's vehicle video. >> possibly a cadillac es ka laid but that is unreported at the time.
>> reporter: auz authorities investigate oakland's 36 and 37 hods of the year, the officials met today on a state assembly of gun violence. they didn't have to look forward to find an illustration of the problem. >> we had a shooting last night. the number one problem in the city of oakland is there are too r street. >> reporter: police have not ben any arrests in this case. victims were not armed at the time of shooting. and the coroner tells me the names will be released tomorrow after the victims' family members have been notified. >> thank you. in the south bay we walked in and hit his fast. the man accused of stabbing and killing two of his family members made his first court appearance today. he was arraigned on murder and attempted murder for killing his mother and his one year old
nephew. he's also stabbing his three-year-old niece who is hospitalized but steadily improving. this happened on wednesday afternoon at the family's home. he has been reported to have a mental illness. >> part of defending a client is understanding who he is and him as a person. and a mental health history is very significant to understand who he is and how we got to this point. >> there's a lot more investigation asht the crime and the defendant that has to be made before we can decide that fact. >> if he doesn't get the death penalty he could face life in prison without patrol. >> some people are worried about the treatment of people with mental illness, including troops returning home from war. we're live at the veteran's assembly in san jose. >> reporter: this agency refer
to veteran to counseling if they need it. with more an more troops returning home, their advocates say diagnosis and treatment are crucial. they're rolling up flags and closing more bases in the middle east, more marines an soldiers are coming home but some are bringing with them the nightmares of combat. >> we saw casualties, we saw action, we saw a lot of things. a lot of things that normal people don't see here. >> this marine, after two tours in iraq he readjusted to civilian life the only way he knew how. >> a lot of drinking, some counseling and a couple of divorces. >> he has ptsd. now several local agencies are preparing for aninflux ofrix p 911 veterans. that number is expected to double in the next two years. >> we owe something to these people who gave something to
society. you know, some of them have, through some very traumatic things. >> work two futures is geerg up to provide job training to returning troops. the agency will ams refer veterans to counseling if they show symptoms of ptsd. the institute of medicine predicts that almost one-fourth of returning veterans suffer from brain injuries. the hope is they get the treatment they need to help them -- the flip to switch of intensity is one of the hardest things to break. >> reporter: most veterans will return home and serve their country in other ways. but there's the 20 percent of some that night need other resources. rescue diverse are recovered the body of a longshoreman who
was trapped inside his pickup truck after it went off the pier of port of oakland. the port is shut down. the longshoreman has not yet been identified. the coast guard located his truck upside down in muddy shallow water. >> we will be investigating what happened today. it appears to be an accident. this is truly an unfortunate accident that occurred here at the port today. >> officials say all port operations will be shut down for the next 24 hours while this investigation continues. the oakland port is the country's fourth largest port. police have arrested a campbell elementary teacher for looud acts with a minor. he has been teaching fourth greed at old or charred school. he was arrested when he showed up at a park to meet someone he believed to be so may nor. the two had agreed to meet for swul activities.
the person was a police officer posing as a 13-year-old juvenile. police interviewed the juveniles at the mel meant tri school to see if there were other victims 26-year-old gina mitchell was accused of tricking the mab into marrying her and then bulking him out of 350,000 dollars. prosecutors say she posed as an interior deck rart and coaxed him into becoming her business partner. they married in november even though the had a common laurel tif. last night officers were waiting for gene that mitchell at a san jose hotel where she apparently thought he was meeting her eld elderly husband. >> alameda depositories came face to face with danger. they spotted a green buick. ap car chase the vehicle was
stopped and the driver tackled to the ground. authorities say a female passenger started running but didn't get very far. a third passenger got into the driver's seat and tried to get away dragging a deputy. another deputy fired and hit the driver who is recovering now. >> the ie tall land team has made some key announcements. this came of last week's death of andrew simpson which is prompting safety concerns. the crew for the italian boat luna rosa. the head of the prada fashion label spoke for them requesting that all of the racing teams this summer consider several safety measures, primarily not to race during high winds. he wants the teams to be able to decide without penalty if the conditions are safe.
>> [ speaking foreign language ] >> i am the boss of the team so i consider it absolutely normal for -- >> he took an over yieth flight to be in san francisco for today's meeting of sailors and organizers. yesterday he was hinting he might withdraw his boat from the race. california was among three states that experienced the sharpest drops in unemployment last month. it was 9% in april. imperial county which borders mexico had the state's highest unemployment rate at 24%. marin county had the lowest at 4.6. unfortunately if you are looking for a job your resources are now a bit slimmer. california's job hotline is slashing operations. the call center workers are told
not to answer the hotline after lunch. they's because starting on monday staffers will deal with other duties after lunchtime like processing claims and responding to questions submitted online. they're urging people to use self-help options including facebook and twitter. a tase of home just a click away. maybe you have a favorite restaurant in miami or chicago. the south bay start up that wants to connect people with the best food across the nation the health problem for women that could signal a possible struck. >> a near record jackpot up for grabs. >> the nbc bay area were gorgeous friday for us. a little windy. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s and plenty of sunshine in the south bay. our live sky camera network
shows that in san jose. we'll take about your weekend forecast in just a few minutes. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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he was in the hot seat. former acting irs commissioner was grilled on capitol hill. lawmakers questioned him for the first time about the irs targeting the tea party aer own conservative groups applying for taction exempt status. during the hearing miller apologized saying the agency's actions were obnoxious but not deliberate. irs agents in cincinnati were trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. >> i do not believe that partisan ship motivated the people who engaged in the practices described. >> the u.s. treasury new about
the actions last summer. >> also in the hot seat today, o.j. simpson's former attorney jail glanter on the witness stand. he accusings ga lanter of doing a poor job in 2008 in which e was convicted of kidnapping and robbery. he also says ga lanter gave him bad advice. >> he and some of his boys may be doing a sting in the morning. >> did you ever tell the him that it was within his legal rights to go take his property back from whoever had it? >> no. >> simpson also says glanter never told him about a plea deal that he would have taken. the judge will determine whether simpson deserves a new trial. in health matters tonight depression may put middle-aged women at a greater risk of
stoke. 47 to 52-year-old women who were greszed were two and a half times more likely to have a stroke than their peers. it's not clear by depression is linked to stroke but experts think the body's physical reaction to stress could result in damage to bod vessels. fitness can protect you from getting cancer even 20 years down the road especially for men. men who where physically fit around the ages of 50 are less likely to get lung and colon cancers. the study looked at 17,000 men. uc san francisco is one of several hospitals canceling surgeries on monday. all elective surgeries are a no go as patient an technical workers gear up for a possible
two-day strike. that union includes nursing assistants and operating strubs. patients already in those five hospitals will still receive care. $600 million, will someone win the powerball jack spot in do you have a ticket in you're hoping yes. the odds are not in your favor. you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning. that is not stopping people from trug their luck. >> we dream. >> you know the chances are actually 1 in 175 million, right. >> i thought they were actually higher, like 1 in 500 million. >> it's still a chance. the latest jackpot is the second largest in us history. the drawing is tomorrow. >> what's in the air, it's a nice odor for some. the san francisco restaurant that specializes in bacon will
continue to sizzle. neighbors have complained about odors coming from the restaurant called bacon bacon. the health department gave the restaurant until this afternoon to resolve the issue or shut down. now late this morning the owner and neighbors struck a deal the restaurant would install an air fir r fill frags system. in exchange the neighbor would drop the complaint. >> the restaurant owner has agreed to install an air strubing system cho should remove all of the smell of bacon from the air. my client has offered to help contribute money to make this happen. >> the city has to sign off on the deal. the permit could be issued as early as today. >> dinner time. >> abacon burger, perhaps. >> et lease check in with jeff ranieri. >> i can't argue with the smell of bacon myself.
the weekend forecast looks very nice for us throughout saturday and sunday. the marine layer is pushed back so that allowed the sunshine way oun south to los angeles. he's the thing. we have the westerly winds that have been brisk today. they will keep the onshore flow in place tonight. it's suffer from allergies to today has not been a good day for you. low 50s expected. a little cloud cover at the coastline. not expecting a widespread fog event for your saturday morning. it clears out a lot earlier than we had today. let's get you outside to the live hd sky camera network. today in san jose it is clear, a little breezy here but again no major cloud cover. we had some clouds build up across the machines but that has since started to fade away.
let's move to that palo alto, a lot -- off to the north emeryville there's the wind woe were tracking and off toward san francisco eventually we'll get the clouds back at the golden gate but for right now it is fog free even in san francisco if you've got dinner plans to make those outside because we're going to look at clear skies through 8 clock tonight. the jet stream that produced a few showers this week is going to push off to the north. high pressure is going to be moving in. huj temperature surge this weekend. increased fire danger with the slightly offshore winds. with the hot air off in the pacific it's going to create a pretty tight wind grading and we could see the wind gusts top 30 mile-per-hour. as far as your saturday we'll
see the fog right up against the immediate coastline from ma rin, into sonoma, san mateo, down into santa cruz. but by the afternoon everyone -- i've high lathed you all in yellow with full sunshine expected through saturday. it looks pretty good throughout the first part of the weekend. mid 40s in st. has leania, 46 in los gat to, throughout temperatures saturday 81 in gilroy, plenty of upper 70s an low 80s back into the tri valley with a lot of warm air aloft. it's 23409 going to get supper hot at the beaches. things will get hotter as we shed into the south bay with the 70s with the amgen tour. on that seven-day forecast what you'll notice is sunday and monday mid to upper 80s an few 90s as we head into tomorrow's forecast. a technical glitch there but
we've got the seven-day coming up fur you in just a minute. possibly. maybe. >> the suspense is killing us. >> you're a pro. you've already given us the flavor. >> we're going to's the it for the 6:00. it's here now. >> mid 80s on monday and then low 90s as we head into tuesday. it's become an east bay tradition now in foufrt year, notice and words at the fox treater. along with author mary roach, poet aeb music from g love. the event benefits chirn's research hospital. >> the million dollar heist at the can festival. for our families...
our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created... a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more.. low and no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know... exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks... with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories...
america's beverage companies are delivering.
are you ready for the super bowl? on tuesday we're going to find out whether the super bowl 16 is going to be played in the bay area. they'll make 15 minute presentations that day for the nfl owners who will now vote for secret ballot. the bay area has a huge edge and insiders say it would be quote an upset if the bay area lost out to the out dated stadium in south florida. a million dollar heist at the cans fill festival. coincidentally it happened just after actress emma watson and
her costars walk the carpet for the premier of their new film, the bling ring. sophia coppola is the director of the bling ring and she jokes that her cast had an alibi. they were at their premier. >> around dinner time you want food from your faith restaurants around the country there's a way to get it by the click of a mouse. stay with us.
okay. here's the teal. if you want some chicago deep dish pizza or new york cheesecake, you don't have to go there. >> you don't. our business tech report ser here with a tech story that turned into a cooking show. >> all of the best stories turns into cooking shows. this one turning into a successful business. a play place on the web where you can find, buy and eat all of the special foods that remind you from home. >> these are pepperoni rolls which is a signature item from west virginia. >> the barbecue it's from kansas city, the tamales from texas, the blueberry pie from michigan. all can be delivered to you thank to a start up called gold bely for wh when you absolute sli have to have the cheese cakes from brooklyn.
this is the number one cheesecake from the world. >> from where rl. >> this is from junior's cheesecake in brooklyn. >> gold be lerks k ly is the latest commerce. -- we believe that there are amazing local items produced in this country that you can't replicate everywhere. so there are a lot of people, whether it's nostalgia of somewhere they've done that miss certain tastes. >> for the price of shipping you get gourmet food from anywhere. the bakers get a much bigger market an all of us are where just a few key strokes away from the taste of home. >> straight out of brooklyn this is the cheesecake brought into the news room. >> it is in my belly.
i hate the show ab tell item for the evening news cast. i'm sorry. >> direct from brooklyn. on our friday night broadcast, threat level. from approaching weather as tonight 35 million americans are under the threat of severe storms rumbling east. another tornado today in alabama as we hear from survivors of a violent night in texas. under fire. congress bores in on the man on his way out as head of the irs. tonight what we have learned about what broke this scandal wide open. brave new world. the amazing way doctors are offering hope to couples who never thought they would be able to have a child. tonight incredible results. and class act. the graduates who just earned a medical degree free of charge, no loans, no debt. one school's revolutionary idea. no loans, no debt. one school's revolutionary idea. "nightly news" begins now.